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How to approach an Investor for your music

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Discover the secrets to successfully approaching investors for your music career in this must-attend class. Learn how to create powerful presentations, develop a solid business plan, and conduct feasibility studies tailored to the music industry. Explore innovative funding avenues, including crowdfunding platforms, and understand the importance of financial projections. Gain insights into attracting record labels, navigating copyright licensing, and leveraging minimum viable products. Uncover effective marketing techniques for building a devoted fan base and explore the art of pitching investors. Find out how to maximize your online presence through social media marketing and branding strategies. Don't miss this opportunity to acquire the skills needed to secure investments and thrive as a musician. Enroll now and unlock the potential for success in your music journey.

What you'll get:

    1. Importance of PowerPoint.
    2. What is a feasibility study?
    3. What is a feasibility study and how to use it?
    4. Upcoming artists being successful through kickstarter.
    5. How do you get labels to sign artists?
    6. What else could be a feasible ROI for investors?
    7. Running into copyright licensing issues.
    8. Minimum viable product in the music industry.
    9. The definition of a lean startup.
    10. Building a fan base through marketing.
    11. You can pitch investors multiple ways.
    12. Marketing on social media.
    13. Why do major artists dump money on marketing?
    14. Where to find the template?
    15. Positive endorsement and marketing.
    16. Minimum threshold to see a return on investment.
    17. Branding and marketing.
    18. Where should I target my digital marketing?
    19. Getting your first 10,000 fans from Africa.

Enroll to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to approach investors successfully. Unlock the potential for financial support that can fuel your music career and propel you towards your artistic goals.