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How to market a single record

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How to market a single record 

Discover the secrets to successfully market and promote your music using a single record strategy in this comprehensive online course. Learn proven techniques and strategies to maximize the impact of your single release, build a strong fan base, and achieve your music career goals. From defining your objectives to leveraging social media and streaming platforms, this course equips you with the essential skills to excel in the modern music industry.

What You'll Gain from this class

  1. The definition of a single record. 
  2. How MTV changed the landscape of music marketing.
  3. How to pick the right single.
  4. How to market a hot record?
  5. How to work with labels.
  6. Strategies for marketing foreign markets.
  7. How to market your music?
  8. The problem with digital marketing and touring.
  9. What is your budget and how to get feedback?
  10. Marketing a key record.
  11. Does this make sense for up and coming artists?
  12. How to get your social media up to date with digital marketing.
  13. Get all digital tracking collateral URLs.
  14. How to get your song on radio.
  15. In house vs out in the cold.
  16. How to make sure your song is ready.
  17. Hiring a PR agency.
  18. Finalization of the release schedule.
  19. Make sure your website is correct.
  20. Looking at the numbers for your business.
  21. How to reach out to EDM DJs.
  22. How to become an intern at Apple Music. 
  23. Search engine optimization is not a game.
  24. Do you go through VIVO to make your account?

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