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Who do you need on your team to succeed

No need to be a monthly paying member of the Indie Artist Accelerator, NOW you can get the most valuable classes individually which will surely change your career!

Discover the essential team members needed to fuel your music career in  our music marketing class. From managers to booking agents, producers to publicists, this module explores the key roles required for success. Learn how each team member contributes to your journey and gain insights into effective collaboration and team management.


What you'll get:


Enroll in and gain a comprehensive understanding of the key individuals and roles required for your music team. Unlock the potential of effective collaboration and team management, empowering your music career to reach new heights.

  • Praying for other people in New Orleans.
  • The different levels of business size.
  • What’s in demand?
  • The importance of understanding the music business.
  • Managing artists and managing labels.
  • The Big Three.
  • Consolidation in the industry.
  • Can you be more creative with your visuals?
  • Marketing is the most important thing.
  • Marketing is the key to success.
  • What artists will have at a label.
  • Producers have better deals with Warner Brothers than artists.
  • Distribution and Licensing.
  • Intellectual Property and Security.
  • Hustle harder or smarter.
  • Managing your music business.
  • Who would you need to get started in the industry?
  • Consistency and getting placement.
  • Why is ecommerce important for an audio engineer?
  • Working with Rocky Gallows.
  • How to become an engineer?
  • What do you need from your label?
  • The importance of having the right team.
  • It’s about the energy and people you work around.